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Dear John,
I've been meaning to email you to let you know that our son was born
(healthily) at the end of November!  Little Zachary is awesome, and
Eric and I are enjoying parenthood. I absolutely credit acupuncture for
helping us conceive, and I want to thank you for all of your time,
patience, and kindness.
Looking forward to introducing you and Zach soon,
Emily 2/10/2016
I have a history of back problems and have had two surgeries on my
lower back.  Then about a year ago, I started having problems with my
neck.  The surgeon recommended an epidural steroid injection in my
neck area, but I was reluctant to have injections that might cause more
harm than good.  I also read that the FDA does not recommend the
injection for this purpose.

The neck pain I was experiencing made it difficult to raise my right arm
above my head.  A few of my friends recommended I see an
acupuncturist to see if that would help.  I found Dr. Shay through web
searches that contained great patient reviews.  I can now raise my
right arm above my head with no pain.  I realize this is not a cure for
the neck problem, but it is an excellent way to relieve the pain without
causing any harm.  Dr. Shay also provides me with herbal supplements
to lower my cholesterol and my cholesterol has gone down 58 points
since I started taking the supplements.  Dr. Shay listens to you and he
is easy to talk to.   
~ Walter H. 10/9/15
Symptoms completely eliminated after just 1 treatment. Very effective
and knowledgeable!
~ Kristi P. 10/1/2015
I suffer from chronic nerve impingement since an accident I had a few
years ago. Over this past weekend I was in Houston visiting some
family and I was in pain the whole trip because of the nerve. I wanted
to make sure I got acupuncture to help with the pain before I flew back
to la. I stopped here and I'm glad I did. He was quick, took me same
day, diagnosed my pain and I left feeling totally relaxed thanks to a
needle place in my temple he referred to as "a happy point". Anyway, I
highly recommend, my flight was more comfortable and my pain level
has been gradually decreasing ever since. Thanks and if I'm ever in
Houston this is where I will go exclusively!!
~ Dayne A. 7/28/2015
Something far greater! Dr. John Shay stopped my smoking addiction.
After smoking for 23 years and trying everything that the doctors could
prescribe and was out on the market, nothing worked. 2 sessions with
Dr. Shay and I've been smoke free for 6 years! Acupuncture is the way
to go for any illness or addiction. My mother went to him for weight and
stress and she said Dr.Shay is her hero!
~ Lawrence U. 1/31/2015
We wanted to share with you that Eloísa is finally with us, and we are
enjoying this new adventure a lot. We want to thank you again for all
your help and support because without you this dream wouldn't be
possible. She was born on December, 2014...
~ Maria G. 1/26/2015
Dr. John Shay of Han Acupuncture is thorough and kind. He has cured
my "frozen shoulders" and is now treating my "piriformis syndrome"
successfully with just a few treatments. Both times Chiropratic care did
nothing but I got immediate relief with each successive treatment and
after only a few treatments, no more problems!
~ Beverly D. 9/10/2014
I 100% would recommend Han Acupunture, I went with a lot of
questions and John talked to me for 30 min explaning to me why and
how it works...it was a very comfortable experience, he is very
professional, educated and polite.

I decided on acupunture because I was having sleepless nights ..after
just one session...I was able to sleep very well, I've been sleeping good
since then....also I've really felt calm & at ease, have not been
overthinking & stressing as I usually do.
~ Gladys C. 11/15/2013
I had heard about acupuncture treatment but never tried it. Then I
came across the Yelp deal and took advantage of it and so glad that I
did. John is friendly and has great technique which makes you not feel
a thing besides stress relief. I would recommend him to anyone!!
~ Michelle C. 9/28/2013
I had my first treatment this week, and I was amazed at the results. I
went to see John because for years I have suffered from incredible
joint pain, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and depression. After completing
a detailed record of my medical history, John reviewed it with me,
asking several in depth questions, and getting a better understanding
of my health issues. Next, he explained to me where and why he would
place the needles, and throughout the procedure made sure that I was
comfortable. At the end of the visit my joint pain had decreased
somewhat, and John explained that it would get better with each
treatment. That was great and all, but what really ensured that I would
be back is how much my mood improved. It was like a switch had been
thrown. I felt calm, and for the first time in several months I
experienced what can only be described as contentment. These
effects have yet to wear off, and better still is that I have been
consistently sleeping through the night.

I have read several studies that failed to find any evidence that
acupuncture is effective in treating mood disorders, but I can attest to
the fact that it worked for me. While there is the possibility of the
placebo effect, I am skeptical of this because I didn't go in to be
treated for my mood disorders. I only expected some relief from my
physical pain, but the actual effects were much more encompassing. I
am on several antidepressants and other drugs, but at best, they only
get me through the day. Acupuncture on the other hand, provided
instantaneous and dramatic change for the better.

If you are depressed and have tried everything else, I would
recommend seeing John. I know that I will be back often to see him for
~ Marc A. 5/25/2013
Due to stress and other personal life factors, I started having severe
insomnia. I would be wide awake for hours and when I did fall asleep, I
would wake up again in the night and lay awake until morning. I was
probably getting a total of 2-3 hours of sleep per night.

I had heard good things about people who did acupuncture treatments
and decided to try it out. I found Dr. Shay’s practice, which had good
reviews and an informative website. After a detailed first session and
two more 20-minute sessions over three weeks, I was able to fall
asleep quickly and also sleep longer hours. I now awake earlier feeling
rested after a deep, full night's sleep.

I highly recommend Dr. Shay as he is very involved and caring in his
patient's treatments. You should have no reservations about the
quality of service you will receive with your treatments. The results are
very obtainable over a short period and exceeded my expectations.
Because of this, I will continue to use and recommend Dr. Shay’s
~ Kristiaan J. 5/10/2012
My 74 yr old father had been suffering from pain in his upper shoulder
for over a year now.  He was unable to lift his arm to handle a simple
task of combing his hair.  After he left your office within 2 hours he was
feeling no pain.  He has been visiting several Dr's due to a constant
feeling of losing his balance. A few Dr visits, with blood work and MRI's
he still could not be diagnosed.  He is now into his 2nd visit with you
and is feeling less pain, and not losing balance as much.

I also visited your office due to severe lower back pain.  I no longer
had insurance and had to seek for an alternative.  Just two visits
and the pain in my back has gone away.  I can not thank you enough.  
I highly recommend your services for anyone that suffers from pain.  
No more pain medications.
~ Irene L. 2/18/2012
Dear Dr. Shay,

I wanted to share my experience with acupuncture with other potential
seekers of pain relief.  As you remember, my daughter and I came in
on Saturday about three weeks ago.  My complaints were many, but I
will start with the worse.  Both of the lower joints in my thumbs had
been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, Carpal tunnel syndrome, you
name it, they hurt….throbbing constantly.  I could barely unscrew the
top from a soda bottle. My grandson, who is five, had more strength
than me. My right shoulder was so stiff and painful that I could barely
lift my arm to raise my hand, and my left hip was causing me to walk
with a limp.  I had previously gotten Cortisone steroid shots in both my
shoulder and my hip.  This worked for a while, but someone told me
that it was not good to keep getting those shots because it would really
damage the cartilage in the long run.

After my first treatment, on the same day I was able to lift my arm and I
could feel some relief from the constant throbbing in both my thumbs!!!
I returned the following week and after treatment I could feel marked
improvement in my thumbs and my left hip.  Right now my thumbs
don’t throb at all!!!  I am able to walk without that old lady limp and my
shoulder is completely painless.  Oh!  I forgot to mention that the
swelling on my feet went down this week!!! Acupuncture is really worth
a try to anyone who has tried traditional western methods of managing
the pain associated with arthritis or other injuries. I would certainly
recommend it!!!

Thanks for all your help,
Bettye K. 3/4/2010
I was referred to acupuncture after several miscarriages and found
John through my insurance company. I met with him and was a little
apprehensive, but his kind and caring demeanor made me feel at ease.
Initial treatments were once a week and I've never felt so stress free.
I had two IUI treatments a couple months after starting acupuncture
and I was pregnant by March.  I know that John was wonderful -- he
listened, he cared, and he helped.  When our daughter was born in
December, he was one of the first we emailed!  Thanks, John...
- Melissa B. 719/2011
I love Han Acupuncture. Every time I go in it takes a week's worth of
stress out of my body.  Acupuncture is now a regular part of my
ailments.  He has a sincere desire to help others achieve optimal health.
- Sara S. 2/20/2011
I've been going to John Shay at Han Acupuncture for almost 3 years
and I would highly recommend him, whether you're seeking to improve
a health condition, relieve stress or just relax.  John is very professional
but also a nice guy and he does a good job of making sure you're
comfortable while he does his magic.  If you're interested in trying
acupuncture or you are looking to try someone new, you should give
him a call.
- Steve L. 2/19/2011
My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for a couple of
years.  We finally went to see a fertility specialist who recommended
acupuncture as part of our infertility treatment.  I went to see John Shay
every week for a few months before and during my IVF process.  I
couldn't believe how relaxed and stress free acupuncture made me
feel.  A few months later, I was pregnant with twins!  John was so nice
and made me feel at ease during the treatments.  I would recommend
him to my friends and family.
- Kelly M.
For over six months I was suffering from a frozen shoulder.  It was very
uncomfortable and I could not sleep well during the night.  After
receiving eight weeks of acupuncture from John Shay, I am now able to
sleep better and have better use of my shoulder and arm.  My
acupuncture sessions have been a time for healing and relaxation.

John Shay has also addressed other ailments that I have, such as my
back and the calf of my leg.  He has helped me to resolve those issues
as well.
- Sonja C. 3/16/2011
I started to see John when my husband and I were trying to get
pregnant. Once I started receiving treatment, I started to realize all of
the other benefits of the treatment - relaxation, help with sleeping &
pain relief. I am now a happy new mother and plan to continue
acupuncture as part of my plan for healthy living.
- Christina W. 4/13/2011
Acupuncture is really helping. After the session yesterday I felt no pain
until about 11pm last night, and the pain was minimal. I also slept better
last night than I have in a long time. Just wanted to say THANK YOU,
and looking forward to the session on Monday.

Gaard E.

I saw my primary care physician for a routine annual check-up
yesterday. He was aware of the pinched nerve on the right side of my
back since he was the first doctor I consulted when I first had a problem.

During the course of our discussion I told him of the result of the
treatment by you. At this stage I couldn't be more pleased. I have little
pain walking, standing, sitting or lying. What pain I have is random,
minor and short lived. He was surprised and impressed. So impressed
he asked me to request that you send him some business cards so he
might refer his patients to you should the opportunity arise.

By the way, he also asked if I planned on follow up treatments. I told
him yes, but I'm not in distress of any kind right now. When I start
getting pain, I will be in touch.

Ron A. 7/28/2010

I wanted to take a moment and express my sincere gratitude for your
work. I, like many others, have long held cynicism regarding medical
treatments that were outside of the western “norms”.  In fact, I can
honestly say my feelings of doubt lasted through most of the first visit.  I
can now freely admit that I was wrong.

After a few of your treatments, I began to feel real relief.  This was an
extraordinary step (especially considering that I had been in physical
therapy for 6 months prior to seeking your services).  What my time in
PT was unable to do for my discomfort; your application of 3 millennia of
wisdom was able to overcome.  For that I will be eternally grateful.

I would and have recommended your services anyone considering
options at this time.

Kind Regards,
Donald H., Jr.
I have suffered from chronic neck, shoulder and nerve pain from bone
spurs and arthritis for almost five years.  I had tried various traditional
treatments (pain medication, injections, nerve destruction, and physical
therapy) with little or no relief from my pain.  Now after several months
of acupuncture I no longer take any pain medication and the pain in my
neck and shoulder is gone.  I can't express how much better I feel.  I
highly recommend Han Acupuncture Wellness for anyone who is
experiencing chronic pain.  This was going to be the last thing I tried
before having surgery.  I am so thankful that John had helped me.  
- Debra I. 3/11/2011
You did an AWESOME job on my back and I will recommend you to
ANYONE!  I was extremely impressed and I'm glad that Carla gave you
a call... My back is still doing great - I just can't believe it!
- Kelly H.
I first visited John in April, 2008 because of Belle’s Palsy.  This was my
second round with Belle’s Palsy. My first episode was ten years prior.  
At that time, as now, there is no real cure for this problem.  A regimen of
antiviral was no good and it took several months to regain 90% of my
facial muscles.  I was miserable, and so when I got it again I became
very depressed at the thought of going again for months with this
affliction. Again, another round of antiviral was no help.

My insurance gives me access to a nurse for consultation 24 hours
a day.  She asked me if I had ever considered acupuncture and that it
was an approved procedure under my plan.  I contacted John and we
immediately began sessions. I must admit I was skeptical but to my joy
and amazement I had some great results within 3 weeks.  After 8
sessions, over a 2 month period I had once again regained a majority of
my facial control.  I highly recommend John and his procedures to
anyone afflicted with Belle’s Palsy.
- Frank R.
I really liked the treatment you gave.  I felt it was most thorough, and
opened up the energy in my body to flowing much better.
- Kat W.
Just wanted to say how much better my life has been since my
treatment. I am able to run again and no Pain what so ever.
- J.J. C.
A friend gave me a gift certificate to see John.  I’d never had
acupuncture before and didn’t know what to expect.  I saw John in
the early evening after suffering from an all-day headache.  When I
left the office 30 minutes later, my headache was gone.
- Alan D.
Han Acupuncture, LLC
Han Acupuncture, LLC